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Yacht Charter Barcelona

Have you ever wanted to party until your heart’s content or take a beautiful ride along the coastline of a beautiful city? There are plenty of ways you can do that, but have you ever thought of that experience occurring in a yacht? It sounds like the perfect day and even though perfection doesn’t fully exist, that experience comes pretty close to it.

A Yacht Charter can help bring that dream to life. There are plenty of Yacht Charters around the world but the one in Barcelona is definitely one you will remember forever. You can rent a Yacht for a set amount of hours and live your life to the fullest. You can be taken to various island destinations as well as coastal destinations.

Types of Charters

Bareboat Charters- When you and your friends or family rent out a bareboat charter, you will need to skipper the boat yourselves. There will be no crew or captain to drive the boat for you. Some companies that offer bareboat charters may offer courses to teach basic seamanship and prepare you for skippering the boat. Not often, but sometimes, the company may decide to provide you with a skipper making it unnecessary for you to take the courses provided unless it is really wanted.

Skippered Charters- When this type of boat is rented, it comes with a crew. You can rent anything from a 35-foot boat with a two-person team of captains and cook to a 300-foot boat with a crew of 30 with varying titles. On a larger 300 foot boat, some of your crew may include stewardesses, engineers, scuba dive masters, mates, and deckhands.

The overall experience of renting a yacht from a Barcelona Yacht Charter is wonderful. The city is beautiful and there are plenty of places to visit on your trip and renting out a yacht, whether it is skippered or bareboat, is a wonderful way to see plenty of what it has to offer. If you’re looking for a sign to book that rental for a yacht in Barcelona, this is it. Take the leap, it’s worth it.