Things to Consider when Writing a Cv

Important Things to Consider when Writing a Good Cv.

Curriculum Vitae has been one of the most important things needed to apply for a job and also, recruit employers. Considering the fact that almost all job (jobbsøknad) applicants submit a CV for a particular job, a CV has to be rich in order to stand out. We, therefore, provide six important things to consider when writing a good CV.

Personal Details

Personal details provide the general description of the applicant with much emphasis on his name and contact. This section must contain the Name, Address, phone number and email of the applicant. Most people feel obligatory to add their gender, and Nationality, however, these are not compulsory to be added.


This is one of the most important parts of cv mal writing. The employer is exposed to your skills or things you can do in relation to the applied job. For example, one can add his skills which may likely be “website designing, logo design, communication skills, and any other skills deemed necessary.”

Employment History

Under this section, applicants are supposed to provide details of their previous employment with dates, job titles, duties and responsibilities, achievements and any other related achievements.

Educational Background

Under the educational background in CV writing, the applicant is supposed to list his or her educational background from primary, Junior high school, Senior high school, Colleges and University. This must also include the respective qualifications and grades attained from the listed schools. Applicants must also feel free to add any other qualifications attained.


The interest should be considered wisely as most employers are able to have a clear description of the applicant’s personality. This section basically asks what the applicant does on leisure time. If one has interest in reading books, playing games, watching TV or any other activity done on free time, it can be added.


This must include the details of people who are ready to testify about the credibility of the applicants. Most applicants always provide the details. However, it can be indicated that “available upon request”. On this note, applicants must be sure that they have referees in mind and ensure that permissions are given before they are submitted.