The CV Overview

The CV Overview.

Curriculum vitae can be described as a brief explanation of an individual’s educational background, working experience and job qualifications he or she possesses. Every job seeker should have a detailed CV for proper preparations for job search. It provides all the details the employers may require from the jobs seeker in a clear and straightforward manner.

There are certain features of a CV that the job seeker should always put in mind when writing his or her curriculum vitae. First and foremost, it should be at least two pages and sometimes you can exceed the pages. Its length will depend on the amount and quality of information you are providing. If you have a high degree of education and experience, your CV should always be longer. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree, your CV should be one to three pages while an individual with a doctorate degree should have there to five pages of detailed work. If you are experienced in the field you are trying your lack at, you should have CV with five and more pages.

These pages should also hold your achievements like the rewards, grants and other details which may have received in the course of your education and work. They may include course outline, academic scholarships you may have received, internship recommendations, certificates whether co-cirruculum or academic and any other achievements which may satisfy the needs and requirements of the employers.

Types of CV

There are a number of cirruculum vitae that you should know and they include the following:-

A chronological CV is a CV which summarizes the education and experience background of the job seeker in a reverse manner. It begins with the most recent achievements, the course he or she pursued and the working experience in a backward order.

A skilled CV is concerned about the sufficient skills rather than the experience of the applicant. For instance, there are employers who will consider your leadership skills from a different organization than the area you are applying for.

An academic CV focuses on the academic achievements of the applicant in the field he or she is applying than the experience or other details.

A scientific CV is a kind of cirruculum vitae which focuses on the courses you pursued, the kind of equipments you were using for practice and the procedures you were able to apply.

A creative CV is mainly used for creative positions which are mostly available in media, advertising and graphics. Hence, the CV should bring out your creativity.

Finally, a properly and professionally written CV will allow the job seeker to prove to the potential employers that she or he is competent and ready for the job.