Hydraulics – pneumatic – drilling

Introduction to hydraulic drilling
During drilling operations, hydraulic drilling is a crucial process. Hydraulic optimization, as well as drilling cost, are vital factors that ought to be considered during this process.
However, the state of art method increases the rate of penetration. In this process, optimization is a significant process as it allows maximum utilization of the pump’s power thus allowing the bit to drill more effectively.
Nevertheless, greater optimization is achieved through implementing two processes; reducing the energy loss in the circulating system due to friction and second, utilizing the preserved energy to enhance the hydraulic bits.
Various theories concerning the hole cleaning process exist. Still, there are different creation criteria that have been used in modifying fluid hydraulics for the purpose of escalating hole cleaning and penetration rate as well.
To list these criteria; the horsepower, jet velocity, and impact force. Based on speer findings, the hydraulic power created at the bottom is dissimilar to the power created by the pump.
All types of boreholes including geotechnical boreholes, mining boreholes, water wells, and oil gas recovery wells are all drilled using various types of gases as drilling fluids.
Some rock formation do not release fluids during the drilling process, and as such, gases are used rather than water as they are less dense than water.
Simply, gas drilling is considered to be the best method to enhance performance while boosting the penetration rate in hard rocks.
During gas drilling, special types of equipment are used. While compressors create action to compressing fluids, pumps create action to incompressible fluids.
Some of the equipment includes; pilot light, blooey line primary and secondary jets among others. In gas drilling, the downhole equipments are alike to those used in liquid drilling. However, air hammers and flat-bottomed bits are not used in gas drilling.
Incorporating all these tools makes the drilling process faster and little weight added on the bits.